Bankruptcy – ‘A stigma’

Our society does not view bankruptcy in very high respects, for that matter majority of societies don’t view it in a similar way. But there is a amazing society - America - here a bankrupt promoter in 1990’s could become the president of the country. America has the highest bankruptcy rate in the world with … Continue reading Bankruptcy – ‘A stigma’

The perils of Over optimisation -Using a single model

When do we have the biggest disasters of all times? When all people thinkin a similar way and use a similar model to base their decisions. Example ofone such disaster was in the famous 1987 crash in the U.S. What happenedwas that every big portfolio manager had purchased portfolio insurance. Nowsince many of the people … Continue reading The perils of Over optimisation -Using a single model

Manipulation or Our Attitude?

I often hear people say stock markets are manipulated by some big people. Now if that was true insurance companies or sovereign wealth funds will be the best performing portfolios as they have the largest funds. However if you do a study you’ll find most of them are unable to beat the markets. So why … Continue reading Manipulation or Our Attitude?

Fuzzy Brain

My brain from my childhood has been told and seen that my hands shake (essential Tremor). Though the tremor rarely affected my life. I soon came to realised that it increased in intensity sometimes while it decreased sometimes. I always got very different viewpoints from very different people regarding the same in my life. Neurosurgeons … Continue reading Fuzzy Brain