Why it is important to think about consequences of low probability events?

How many times do we really think about consequences of events which have small probabilities? Cliche of “negative thinking” My fiance recently gave a job interview and the boss of that company gave her a lift back home. Now when she told me this, I said her to never do such a thing with a … Continue reading Why it is important to think about consequences of low probability events?

Natural Vs Cultural View

There is a conversation going on between a son and father. The son recently got engaged, but since it was an arrange marriage he had no idea how the girl would be. The marriage is scheduled for next month. Son: Dad I have met this girl 5-7 times and within these few meetings only I … Continue reading Natural Vs Cultural View

Micro View vs Macro View

Mr. A (a Government employee) and Mr. B (who is an avid reader) were having a conversation. They both live in a small town in India. Mr. A:  You always say me to keep on investing my money, but I need to know whether is there anything left in this country or not. Because whatever … Continue reading Micro View vs Macro View

Expecting Perfection

Are we selfish or compassionate? If we think of the above-mentioned question most of us will answer that we are compassionate. Let’s try to think of our parents are they selfish or do take care of us only on the basis of compassion. Selfish means due to self-interest while compassion is due to the interest … Continue reading Expecting Perfection

Short Term vs Long Term

Anil has recently started his classes to teach investing to young inspiring students. One day he is visited by a reputed stockbroker. The stockbroker starts talking about his son. The son has just completed his graduation and is planning to pursue his MBA abroad after taking some experience. He has even done some course on … Continue reading Short Term vs Long Term

Unity In Variety – Individually different yet unity in background

Once a wise man was meditating in fields near New Delhi. A man (Mr.A) was passing by, he was shocked to see someone meditating in the fields at such high temperatures during the summer. As he was struggling in his life, he thought of giving a chance to the wise man to solve the problems … Continue reading Unity In Variety – Individually different yet unity in background


I was recently having a conversation with one of my friends on what Patanjali has done to the FMCG sector. The conversation goes like this: Me: What Patanjali has done is very tough to do as it has shaken the big FMCG players, which used to raise prices of the products every year, while Patanjali … Continue reading Wisdom

“I don’t know”

This three-word sentence though very importance is rarely used in our language. Why do we not use it? Why do we have an opinion on almost everything? Why after reading a simple newspaper headline we can so firmly speak our opinion on a ‘public figure’ or ‘the state of the economy’? Why after visiting a … Continue reading “I don’t know”

The Wise Man

Microscopic Present Let us consider you and start analyzing what parts you have. What are the parts of your system? Parts Work: If we try to go deep into this you may be working in technology, manufacturing, service, banking, teaching, politics, studying, freelancing, accounting, spirituality etc. Now within these fields, you may be doing some … Continue reading The Wise Man

Who is this Me?

Let me share an incident with you. Early morning, I sent a funny message to my new friend Mrs. A (For privacy lets keep this name) Even after one hour, Mrs.A has not replied to me. Then I go on to WhatsApp to check whether Mrs.A was online, to my utter shock Mrs.A status showed … Continue reading Who is this Me?