Is More Information Helpful? Is everything Important?

When we started doing analysis. We were always bombarded with data.Even though when we had a framework we focussed on almost everything ina company. Be it whether you are trading or investing, over time we haverealised through experience that very few things matter and knowing whichare those things can make hell lot of difference. Similar … Continue reading Is More Information Helpful? Is everything Important?

The Wise Man

Microscopic Present Let us consider you and start analyzing what parts you have. What are the parts of your system? Parts Work: If we try to go deep into this you may be working in technology, manufacturing, service, banking, teaching, politics, studying, freelancing, accounting, spirituality etc. Now within these fields, you may be doing some … Continue reading The Wise Man

Who is this Me?

Let me share an incident with you. Early morning, I sent a funny message to my new friend Mrs. A (For privacy lets keep this name) Even after one hour, Mrs.A has not replied to me. Then I go on to WhatsApp to check whether Mrs.A was online, to my utter shock Mrs.A status showed … Continue reading Who is this Me?

Deceptive Eyes

Let's imagine you are going to meet a girl in a coffee shop whom you don’t know or haven’t seen before. You get well dressed and reach the spot in your car. From your car, you can see her sitting in from the glass outside the coffee shop. She somewhat looks like this: Now you … Continue reading Deceptive Eyes

Do Trees and Life Have Something In Common?

Trees A seed is planted. Now, someone must nurture it to grow. After exact nutrients, water and soil it starts to grow and its converted into a young adult. Now, lets zoom in, to realize how one year is in the life of a young tree.  Lets, zoom in from spring season summer months. The … Continue reading Do Trees and Life Have Something In Common?

Do we Listen To Speak

Let us think about the process of listening. Whenever we listen to someone how our brain seems to work.  We listen with the objective of speaking most of the times. Most of the time the process appears to us as Listen — — — — — — — — — — — — — — … Continue reading Do we Listen To Speak

Why We Are Same Yet Different

Context The word comes from the Latin word, contexere - which means to weave together. Context refers to the circumstances which the person is referring to while defining a situation or explaining something. What is meant by context? Context is the circumstances in which a rule is applicable like an author of a report shall … Continue reading Why We Are Same Yet Different