Is More Information Helpful? Is everything Important?

When we started doing analysis. We were always bombarded with data.Even though when we had a framework we focussed on almost everything ina company. Be it whether you are trading or investing, over time we haverealised through experience that very few things matter and knowing whichare those things can make hell lot of difference. Similar … Continue reading Is More Information Helpful? Is everything Important?


I was recently having a conversation with one of my friends on what Patanjali has done to the FMCG sector. The conversation goes like this: Me: What Patanjali has done is very tough to do as it has shaken the big FMCG players, which used to raise prices of the products every year, while Patanjali … Continue reading Wisdom

The Wise Man

Microscopic Present Let us consider you and start analyzing what parts you have. What are the parts of your system? Parts Work: If we try to go deep into this you may be working in technology, manufacturing, service, banking, teaching, politics, studying, freelancing, accounting, spirituality etc. Now within these fields, you may be doing some … Continue reading The Wise Man