Natural Vs Cultural View

There is a conversation going on between a son and father. The son recently got engaged, but since it was an arrange marriage he had no idea how the girl would be. The marriage is scheduled for next month. Son: Dad I have met this girl 5-7 times and within these few meetings only I … Continue reading Natural Vs Cultural View

Deceptive Eyes

Let's imagine you are going to meet a girl in a coffee shop whom you don’t know or haven’t seen before. You get well dressed and reach the spot in your car. From your car, you can see her sitting in from the glass outside the coffee shop. She somewhat looks like this: Now you … Continue reading Deceptive Eyes

Fuzzy Brain

My brain from my childhood has been told and seen that my hands shake (essential Tremor). Though the tremor rarely affected my life. I soon came to realised that it increased in intensity sometimes while it decreased sometimes. I always got very different viewpoints from very different people regarding the same in my life. Neurosurgeons … Continue reading Fuzzy Brain

The Intelligent Student

Charlie Munger is a living legend with an enormous power to invert and find out what he should not do. In fact, Peter Bevelin has mentioned the title of the book " All I want to know is where I'm going to die so I'll never go there" "Buffett and Munger - A Study in … Continue reading The Intelligent Student