Are IPO’s Worth Investing?

Its IPO season and many companies have come for the IPO in the past fewmonths.IPO’s or primary market issues, investing is popularly followed by manyinvestors, majority get burnt badly while some make money over long periodsof time. Let’s see what the data speaks. What We Did? We gathered all book building IPO’s data from past … Continue reading Are IPO’s Worth Investing?

Bear Markets Now Shorter? Really?

There is an argument going on these days that future crises will be of shorterduration than the past, as the central banks have learnt this from 2008 andthey are quite swift in response to a fall in market prices or a panic. Theaverage length of a bear market was 26 months. However, seeing the speed … Continue reading Bear Markets Now Shorter? Really?


Majority of people have bad experiences in the stock markets , often what they do not follow a proper process of the stock analysis. What we usually see most of the time people want the easy way out not willing to put necessary efforts and seeking easy way to make the money without considering the … Continue reading THE ESSENCE OF PROCESS IN STOCK MARKET

Manipulation or Our Attitude?

I often hear people say stock markets are manipulated by some big people. Now if that was true insurance companies or sovereign wealth funds will be the best performing portfolios as they have the largest funds. However if you do a study you’ll find most of them are unable to beat the markets. So why … Continue reading Manipulation or Our Attitude?

Fraud or The best investor?

Recently, I was going through the performance sheet of an advisory firm (Lets call it X). Now out of around 50 stocks recommended 46 were profitable. So what matters in markets is: % Amount won * No of times you are right - % Amount Loss * No of times you are wrong Now, lets … Continue reading Fraud or The best investor?

Probability Blindness

Me and my friend were having a conversation. He said he has allocated his sip money to three funds belonging to different market-cap categories. I said great, how did you choose them? He used some past track record and some indicators to pick them. After hearing to him, I told him its better he put … Continue reading Probability Blindness

Why it is important to think about consequences of low probability events?

How many times do we really think about consequences of events which have small probabilities? Cliche of “negative thinking” My fiance recently gave a job interview and the boss of that company gave her a lift back home. Now when she told me this, I said her to never do such a thing with a … Continue reading Why it is important to think about consequences of low probability events?