Bankruptcy – ‘A stigma’

Our society does not view bankruptcy in very high respects, for that matter majority of societies don’t view it in a similar way. But there is a amazing society - America - here a bankrupt promoter in 1990’s could become the president of the country. America has the highest bankruptcy rate in the world with … Continue reading Bankruptcy – ‘A stigma’

Manipulation or Our Attitude?

I often hear people say stock markets are manipulated by some big people. Now if that was true insurance companies or sovereign wealth funds will be the best performing portfolios as they have the largest funds. However if you do a study you’ll find most of them are unable to beat the markets. So why … Continue reading Manipulation or Our Attitude?

Micro View vs Macro View

Mr. A (a Government employee) and Mr. B (who is an avid reader) were having a conversation. They both live in a small town in India. Mr. A:  You always say me to keep on investing my money, but I need to know whether is there anything left in this country or not. Because whatever … Continue reading Micro View vs Macro View


I was recently having a conversation with one of my friends on what Patanjali has done to the FMCG sector. The conversation goes like this: Me: What Patanjali has done is very tough to do as it has shaken the big FMCG players, which used to raise prices of the products every year, while Patanjali … Continue reading Wisdom

“I don’t know”

This three-word sentence though very importance is rarely used in our language. Why do we not use it? Why do we have an opinion on almost everything? Why after reading a simple newspaper headline we can so firmly speak our opinion on a ‘public figure’ or ‘the state of the economy’? Why after visiting a … Continue reading “I don’t know”