Do we Listen To Speak

Let us think about the process of listening. Whenever we listen to someone how our brain seems to work.  We listen with the objective of speaking most of the times. Most of the time the process appears to us as Listen — — — — — — — — — — — — — — … Continue reading Do we Listen To Speak

Why We Are Same Yet Different

Context The word comes from the Latin word, contexere - which means to weave together. Context refers to the circumstances which the person is referring to while defining a situation or explaining something. What is meant by context? Context is the circumstances in which a rule is applicable like an author of a report shall … Continue reading Why We Are Same Yet Different

Fuzzy Brain

My brain from my childhood has been told and seen that my hands shake (essential Tremor). Though the tremor rarely affected my life. I soon came to realised that it increased in intensity sometimes while it decreased sometimes. I always got very different viewpoints from very different people regarding the same in my life. Neurosurgeons … Continue reading Fuzzy Brain

Power Of Compassion

              Dayadhvam means to be compassionate - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad My Compassionate Mother From the time I have grown up, I have always seen my mother having compassion for most of the people. I always used to say this person is bad or did this to me. My mother had … Continue reading Power Of Compassion