Tasty Bite Eatables

The case study of Tasty Bite Eatables is divided into 2 parts: 1) Part 1 - 2015 2) Part 2 - 2015-2020 Part 1  For this part,Lets us assume today is  30th May,2015 Screening:  While going through large increases in share price over past 2-3 years, the name of Tasty Bite Eatables comes up. It has risen approximately … Continue reading Tasty Bite Eatables

DHFL-Case Study

This case study will be done in three Phases: 1) Part 1 -  31st July, 2012 2) Part 2 - 2013-2017  3) Part 3 - 2017 and Beyond Part 1 For  this part let us assume that today is 31st July, 2012.  Screening:  While going through companies on screener, we observe a company named DHFL which is growing rapidly. The company … Continue reading DHFL-Case Study

Page Industries- Case Study

For the purpose of this case study, Page industries Case study has been divided into 3 Time Periods (3 Parts): 1) 2009-2012 - Part 1 2) 2012-2015 - Part 2 3) May,2015 - Nov,2016 - Part 3 2009-2012 - Part 1 Screening: Let us assume that it is around 25th July 2012 and you come … Continue reading Page Industries- Case Study

Avanti Feeds – Case Study

Part 1 Lets think its around  October 2012. One of our friends has told us about a company named Avanti Feeds Ltd.  So we start looking. Lets assume we had screener then and rest all is through annual reports.  Just to look or give a first glance: Source Screener Ohk its seems like something is … Continue reading Avanti Feeds – Case Study