DHFL-Case Study

This case study will be done in three Phases: 1) Part 1 -  31st July, 2012 2) Part 2 - 2013-2017  3) Part 3 - 2017 and Beyond Part 1 For  this part let us assume that today is 31st July, 2012.  Screening:  While going through companies on screener, we observe a company named DHFL which is growing rapidly. The company … Continue reading DHFL-Case Study

Fraud or The best investor?

Recently, I was going through the performance sheet of an advisory firm (Lets call it X). Now out of around 50 stocks recommended 46 were profitable. So what matters in markets is: % Amount won * No of times you are right - % Amount Loss * No of times you are wrong Now, lets … Continue reading Fraud or The best investor?