Revathi Equipment :- Delisting – Live Case Study

Let us assume for the purpose of this case study, that the date today is 7th January, 2021. While going through public announcements you come across a delisting case study by the name of Revathi Equipments Ltd. Public Announcement: On 3 January 2021, the company has received a letter from the Renaissance Advanced Consultancy Limited … Continue reading Revathi Equipment :- Delisting – Live Case Study

SKF India Ltd – Delisting – Case Study

This case study is divided into 3 parts. As different decisions were required during three time periods. Part 1 We will use this case study as a thought experiment. So let's think today is 16th February, 2005 and while going through public announcements we come through a delisting announcement of a company named SKF India … Continue reading SKF India Ltd – Delisting – Case Study

All cargo Logistics – Delisting Opportunity?

Part 1 Imagine the date is today 02/11/2020 and read Part 1 as a case study. The part mentioned Part 1 was published in November 2020. Please consult us for detailed advice regarding the same. This is in no way an investment advice or buy/sell recommendation. It is just a sample of a situation which … Continue reading All cargo Logistics – Delisting Opportunity?