Case Studies – Investing

These cases contain investment situations ,outliers, (both extreme failures and successes, of past and present) so that we all can practice, learn and think. No one becomes a good cricketer by going on the pitch the first day, similarly these case studies both new and old ones, could help all of us to practice and improve before allocating large sums of money. However, some of the cases may be live (means we may have invested) and please consider these as live experiments.

Each case will be generally organised into different time periods. Each page will represent a particular time period and the dilemma or problems or decisions, investors of those time may have faced.

This would be the approximate framework of each case:

  1. Business Model – Internal
  2. Business Model – External Competitiveness
  3. Growth – Prospects
  4. Management
  5. Fraud – Analysis
  6. Valuation
  7. Risk

Next, page would be about generally what happened and how the business progressed. Similarly, each page would mention the same.

Our intent for the same is that all of us can practice and learn from past extreme case studies, so that all of us can improve. You may agree or disagree on our valuation part or assumptions.

We would love if you would read them and share your own thinking viewpoints.We will try to be as accurate as possible, but still we may make some mistakes. We request you to please tell us the same.

May we all learn together.