CanFin Homes Ltd

Part 1 Screening: Lets assume that today is 30th July, 2014 and we come to know about a company named can fin homes. The fast  increase in share price surprises us. Source: Let us try to understand the business of the company.  Business Internal The company is in the business of giving housing loans. It is in a similar industry … Continue reading CanFin Homes Ltd

NMDC – Buyback Case Study

Part 1 For this part let us assume that today is 12th November 2020. Case Screening: While going through corporate announcements we come to know that NMDC has initiated a buyback. In the board meeting dated 10/11/2020, the board of directors had approved the buyback of 13,12,43,809 equity shares representing 5.05% of total paid capital @105/- per share. The Company has fixed 23th November 2020 as the record date for the purpose of determining the entitlement of shareholders who will be eligibile to participate in the proposed buyback offer. This means there is time till 20-21th of November to take decision about participating in the buyback. Today through public announcement, the promoter expressed his … Continue reading NMDC – Buyback Case Study

Tasty Bite Eatables

The case study of Tasty Bite Eatables is divided into 2 parts: 1) Part 1 - 2015 2) Part 2 - 2015-2020 Part 1  For this part,Lets us assume today is  30th May,2015 Screening:  While going through large increases in share price over past 2-3 years, the name of Tasty Bite Eatables comes up. It has risen approximately … Continue reading Tasty Bite Eatables

DHFL-Case Study

This case study will be done in three Phases: 1) Part 1 -  31st July, 2012 2) Part 2 - 2013-2017  3) Part 3 - 2017 and Beyond Part 1 For  this part let us assume that today is 31st July, 2012.  Screening:  While going through companies on screener, we observe a company named DHFL which is growing rapidly. The company … Continue reading DHFL-Case Study

NTPC – Buyback Case Study

There are 3 parts in this case study: Part 1 - Initial case discussion - 4th November, 2020Part 2 -Intermediate Decisions - 26th November and 7th DecemberPart 3 - Final results - 29th Decemeber Part 1 For this part let us assume that today is 4th November 2020. Case Screening: While going through corporate announcements we … Continue reading NTPC – Buyback Case Study

Revathi Equipment :- Delisting – Live Case Study

Let us assume for the purpose of this case study, that the date today is 7th January, 2021. While going through public announcements you come across a delisting case study by the name of Revathi Equipments Ltd. Public Announcement: On 3 January 2021, the company has received a letter from the Renaissance Advanced Consultancy Limited … Continue reading Revathi Equipment :- Delisting – Live Case Study

Page Industries- Case Study

For the purpose of this case study, Page industries Case study has been divided into 3 Time Periods (3 Parts): 1) 2009-2012 - Part 1 2) 2012-2015 - Part 2 3) May,2015 - Nov,2016 - Part 3 2009-2012 - Part 1 Screening: Let us assume that it is around 25th July 2012 and you come … Continue reading Page Industries- Case Study

SKF India Ltd – Delisting – Case Study

This case study is divided into 3 parts. As different decisions were required during three time periods. Part 1 We will use this case study as a thought experiment. So let's think today is 16th February, 2005 and while going through public announcements we come through a delisting announcement of a company named SKF India … Continue reading SKF India Ltd – Delisting – Case Study

Avanti Feeds – Case Study

Part 1 Lets think its around  October 2012. One of our friends has told us about a company named Avanti Feeds Ltd.  So we start looking. Lets assume we had screener then and rest all is through annual reports.  Just to look or give a first glance: Source Screener Ohk its seems like something is … Continue reading Avanti Feeds – Case Study

DB CORP – Buyback Case Study

Thought Experiment :This is a case study on DB Corp Buyback for this let us assume that we are in 2018 and today is 29th May, 2018. We have recently heard that DB Corp (A newspaper company: Dainik Bhaskar) is doing a buyback. Part 1 Case Study On 26/5/2018 the Board of Directors, gave approval … Continue reading DB CORP – Buyback Case Study